Sunday, 10:30am - 1pm
D.B. Nagar, Andheri(W),

Satsang means fellowship with the truth. Sat means “Truth” and Sang means “With”.

Put together it means ‘Along with the Truth’ and our message is that ‘Jesus’ is the Truth. JESUS LOVES INDIA.
Most Indians perceive Christianity as a foreign religion and Jesus as a God of the West.

A common misconception is that, accepting Christ would mean a change of culture and Indian values. This causes a lot of fear, hesitation and resistance towards Jesus Christ.
Anil Kant Ministries International (AKMI), being called and led by God’s Spirit, is committed to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in India and around the world, in an ethnic and culturally relevant manner, through a traditional and common style of worship called the “SATSANG”.
Pastor Anil Kant sees the Satsang as a powerful tool to reach out to the non- believing Indians and share the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ. The Satsangs which are held on a regular basis across India and different parts of the world, are getting an amazing response and touching thousands of lives.

We are seeing new lives being touched for Jesus and inspite of facing opposition, we are also seeing a revival in our Christian brothers and sisters as the Satsang is reaching out to them in a new way.

Our weekly Satsang takes place in Mumbai, India every Sunday. Our Satsangs are being aired regularly on various television and radio channels.